Conditions to be confirmed when using MI armor heating cables to design heating systems

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2023-03-14 16:35

In various industries, manufacturing, transportation, storage facilities, and other facilities of raw materials and finished products, heating and heat preservation are often installed in collisions with high viscosity liquids and solidification at room temperature. In recent years, with the development of system automation and energy saving, the method of using electricity as a heat source has gradually become mainstream.

Heating cables with MI armor use magnesium oxide as insulator and metal shell. In terms of structural characteristics, it has the most suitable characteristics as a heating cable in terms of heat resistance, fire resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

Heating of the engine by means of electric heating MI consists in the removal of the joule heat generated by the current passing through the core of the heating cable with MI to the accompanying pipelines and processing facilities for heating the liquid in order to preserve heat. The principle is very simple. The required amount of heat is determined by the temperature difference with the environment, and the heat dissipation is determined by the heat preservation design. The temperature increase when power is turned on is preferably 40-50 °C, and the design effect is better.

For the design of heating systems using MI cables, the following conditions must be determined:

Liquid type and its properties, flow rate, etc. D.;

Use and purpose of equipment, as well as heating and liquid maintenance temperature;

Meteorological environmental conditions (minimum, maximum temperature, wind speed, etc.);

Pipeline size, type and length and technological settings;

Styling conditions, construction, outbuildings, construction methods, etc. D. Installation sites;

Insulation structure, whether there are any requirements for insulating material and thickness;

Operation, control conditions, management methods, etc.;

Power supply method and location of power supply;

Whether explosion protection and environmental conditions for installation are required;

Economic calculations need to know: depreciation period, interest rate, labor costs, terms of use, energy costs and other data.

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