Advantages of electric heating in the heating system of pipelines

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2023-03-09 11:49

Most of the petrochemical production equipment is generally completely open, and the flow is organized in a straight line, so it is very important to prevent freezing during production in winter. In addition, the process pipelines of these devices have different and complex production conditions due to different environments. Therefore, the reasonable choice of coolant and the determination of the heating method should depend on the conditions of the production process.

Electric heating is often used in petrochemical plants to maintain or make up for heat losses in pipelines during production operations and shutdowns. Usually hot water, steam and electric heating are used as a coolant. However, due to the large volume of daily maintenance of steam and hot water heating systems, problems such as the inability to maintain a high temperature and control the required temperature are gradually being replaced by electric heating.

Electric heating has been widely used as an effective heat preservation and freezing protection solution for pipelines, tanks and equipment. Electric heating has a low temperature gradient and a long time of thermal stability, which is suitable for long-term use, and the heat (electricity) required by it is significantly lower than that of electric heating. Electric heating has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple design, convenient design and installation, no pollution, long service life, remote control and automatic control, etc. D. It is widely used in industrial production such as fire protection, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power and environmental protection.

The working principle of the electric heating system is to compensate for the heat loss caused by the temperature difference inside and outside the pipeline and the equipment body to achieve the purpose of freezing protection and heat preservation of the pipeline or equipment. Necessary to ensure heat loss in the pipeline or equipment and to maintain the thermal balance of the fluid in the pipeline or equipment, the temperature can be kept basically constant.

While the benefits of electric heating are clear, the decision on what type of heating to use in the project should be made according to the characteristics of the owner and the device. Wonderful achievements In short, electric heating of the canal, steam heating and hot water heating will be the development direction of the heating system.

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