For which chemical pipelines is electric heating suitable?

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2023-03-07 15:19

With increased public awareness of environmental protection, it is becoming more and more important to optimize the design of heating chemical pipelines to achieve energy savings and reduce consumption. As a rule, in the work and production of chemical enterprises, the methods of electric heating of main pipelines are divided into four types: steam, water, heat carrier and electric heating with automatic regulation. According to the heat transfer method, it is divided into internal heating tube, external heating tube, jacket heater, etc. D. Among them, electric heating technology is widely used in the production of various industries, especially in petrochemical enterprises, because it is more convenient to use, does not require an increase in labor costs, and is easy to adjust the temperature.

Unlike an electric heating system, the electrically heated cooling system and the heating system are combined into a single unit, simultaneously providing heat for the linear heat source. Although in practical applications, the compensation and heat required by the system cannot be strictly equal, and there is a certain gap, but the electric heating system has no heat transfer problems, so the heat supply of the pipes is relatively uniform, and the above-mentioned pipes in the steam system will not appear the problem of near and far.

Which chemical pipelines are suitable for electric heating:

The heating pipeline with a strong seasonality should choose an electric heating that can be used or turned off depending on the weather temperature with high flexibility.

Electric heating should be used to heat main pipelines and pipelines without steam heat sources or in remote areas.

Electric heating should be used for heating plastic and non-metal pipes.

Electric heating should be used to heat pipelines of intermittent transport medium.

Electric heating should be used for heating and heat preservation of pipelines requiring strict control of the environment temperature.

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