Pipeline heating method in chemical production

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2023-03-06 10:34

Related heat is different from heating The accompanying heat is used to maintain the temperature of the medium by using the heat lost by the heating device during the process, while the heating is strongly concentrated at a single point or in a small area to raise the temperature. Heated body The required heat is usually significantly higher than that of electric heating, so electric heating is one of the important energy saving measures for equipment and pipelines of chemical enterprises. The electric heating pipeline is safe and reliable, easy to build, can effectively control the temperature, prevent the pipeline environment from overheating, and has low operation and maintenance costs, but the one-time investment is large.

Heatsinks for chemical equipment and pipelines include hot water, steam, heat transfer and electric heating. The most commonly used steam and electric heaters.

Since the side steam or exhaust steam can be used in chemical engineering, it can reduce the cost of electric heating, and the hidden heat of steam is large, and the application area is wide Chemical equipment and pipelines with operating temperature below 150 °C can be used, so chemical heating of pipelines The first medium used was steam.

The early electric heating products were all constant power products that had certain disadvantages, For example, the power remained constant after the power was turned on, and the heating temperature could not be controlled, or high temperature hot spots were easily generated in places. With poor heat dissipation and overlapping intersections, and temperature control had to be added once a temperature control device or unit.

In addition to constant power electric heating cables, the frequency of use of self-regulating electric heating cables is also relatively high. The self-regulating tubular electric heating belt is made of conductive polymer composite material and has the following characteristics: \ n1. The heating temperature can be automatically limited \ n2. It can automatically adjust its power output according to the actual needs of the heated system. 3. The above functions can be performed independently and in sections. For example, for the same pipeline, if the temperature in a certain part of the outside air is relatively low, then the self-regulating electric heating belt will automatically increase the output power in this area, and if the other part is indoors, the room temperature is relatively high, And self-regulating electric heating belt automatically reduces power output. 4. The electric heating cable can also be arbitrarily cut or lengthened within a certain range, and there can be any overlap without high temperature hot spots.

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