Analysis of the transition from steam heating to electric heating in the area of the crude oil tank

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2023-03-03 11:57

The refinery storage and transportation system is collectively referred to as the feedstock tank zone, semi-finished/finished product tanks, fuel gas/oil supply and transport piping system, and gas cabinet-furnace-fuel gas regeneration system. In these systems, in addition to the large amount of steam that is best used in a flare system when the device is dropped by an accident, in the storage and transportation of heavy crude oil and crude oil, it is necessary to use a large amount of steam to maintain smooth storage and transport. For the service gas in the warmer area of the filler, for the petroleum feedstock that needs to be stored and transported at a lower temperature (usually <60 °C), electric heating at the station will result in an unnecessary waste of heat.

To solve the problems of heating steam in the area of crude oil tanks in the tropics, it is necessary to improve the heating system. When the ambient temperature is low in winter and the heating demand is high, steam heating with high temperature in summer and low heating need can be used to improve heating.

Electric heating is the laying of heating cables along the pipeline, and the heating cables will transfer the temperature to the pipeline and oil in the area of the oil heating tank. It has the advantages of no pollution, high thermal efficiency and long service life. Thanks to the integration with the control system, the automatic operation function can also be realized. Currently, this method of electric heating is actively promoted by the state and is used in many new projects.

The electric heating cable is flexible to use, clean and clean, and can automatically adjust and control the temperature, which can carry out automatic control. It should be noted that the crude oil tank area is a flammable and explosive area, so when choosing the electric heating cable, it is necessary to select the electric heating cable with explosion protection certification.

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