Application of skin effect heating cable in pipeline recessed into residual oil

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2023-03-03 11:54

The principle of the electric heating (heating) technology of the surface effect pipeline is that when an electric current passes between the cable in the heating pipe and the heat pipe, the heating pipe current gradually tends to the inner wall of the heating pipe (i. The voltage and current on the outer surface of the heating pipe are zero, forms an insulating structure in itself), and it is this thin inner part that generates joule heat from three parts:

When the current is supplied to the heating tube, the heat generated by the heating tube;

Amount, generated by cables inside the heating tube;

The hysteresis loss in the heating tube generates part of the heat.

Compared with steam heating, the electric heating with the skin effect of the pipe has high safety, high reliability, easy maintenance, high heating temperature (when using carbon steel pipe, the heating temperature can reach 260 °, the maximum can reach 650 °), specific power Large, long heating distance (The maximum heating distance of one power supply can reach 25 kilometers), it is suitable for main pipelines, various caliber pipelines and high temperature heating cases. It is the safest, most reliable and economical long-distance heating method, so it is widely used in the assembly and transportation of various pipelines.

For the temperature monitoring and alarm of trunk pipelines, the data can be transmitted via GSM network and optical fiber. It has the characteristics of reliable data transmission, easy network connection, low cost and high system scalability. This is an ideal solution for current remote data transfer.

In the process of building the fuel oil process pipeline at the Tianjin oil field, about 1215 m of the fuel oil pipeline was buried and laid. Other devices, the actual operation of the underground electric heating pipeline. However, it was later changed to electric heating with a surface effect.

Electrical heating cable is a special technology cable. It has high temperature resistance and is used in harsh heating conditions. It can withstand high temperature and high pressure, so it should be sufficient during installation. Carefully.

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