Real MI Mineral Insulated Electric Heating Cable Case in Filter Bag

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2023-03-02 11:23

Ash bins are commonly used in waste incinerators. After burning, the remaining ash enters the dust collector's ash hopper and is transported by a screw conveyor to the overhead ash hopper of the bucket elevator for storage. The lower part of the ash ash ash has an ash discharge system for reuse. Such a process may seem simple, but in fact requires multiple technical support. The composition of the flue gases emitted by the incinerator is complex, and the operating temperature of the dust collecting equipment is relatively high (~ 170 ° C).

In addition to the hot air circulation system, the sleeve filter is also equipped with electric heating cables outside the ash hopper and insulates the equipment as a whole to reduce heat loss, to keep the ash hopper wall temperature and the box body above the flue gas dew point temperature 10 above ℃, To avoid condensation on the four walls and cause dust bonding, and the insulation layer can also prevent the staff from scalding with high temperature.

The waste incineration power plant project in Xiaoluhai City, Julu County, Hebei Province, covers a total area of 150 mu, and the estimated investment is 1 billion yuan. It can process about 1,500 tons of garbage per day, after the completion and commissioning of the second phase of the project, the daily processing capacity can reach 2,000 tons. After many comparisons in 2016, the power plant finally chose our MI mineral insulated electric heating for dust collector insulation.

Since the ash hopper and the reactor are in a low-temperature state for a long time, a large amount of fly ash is condensed, and the dust is corroded to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to heat the ash hopper and the bottom of the reactor and related equipment, as well as the pipes and valves from the screw conveyor, the chain conveyor to the bucket elevator.

Shandong Huaning Electric Heat Tracing Technology Co., Ltd. mineral insulated heating cables are made of non-combustible inorganic substances, so the products are refractory, flame retardant, do not emit toxic gases and do not burn. The insulating layer is magnesium oxide, and the core and sheath of the wire are made of metal, which fundamentally solves the problem of aging and extends the life of the cable to the greatest extent. The product has various bodies that can resist the corrosion of oils, solvents and most acids. It has good chemical stability. The metal shell has excellent explosion protection and electromagnetic shielding characteristics, and can also be used as a grounding loop. Good mechanical properties, due to its strong structure, it can withstand twisting, extrusion, bending, stretching, friction and ordinary heavy handling. Consistent resistance electric heating elements are used, so the heating is uniform, the temperature difference over the entire length is extremely small, and the heating power is large, usually 20 to 200 W/m.

Huaning's designed electric heating system for dust collectors and ash bins is mainly used for heating, heat preservation and anti-freeze protection of ash storage areas in environmental protection industries such as waste incinerators and thermal power plants, which can prevent condensation of dust and moisture, dust accumulation, preventing smooth flow.

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