Application of electrotracting cable in polysilicon production

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2023-03-01 11:45

For polysilicon ingots, the temperature should reach 1510 °C to 1540 °C, while the mineral insulated heating cable with the highest heating cable can maintain a maximum temperature of 600 °C. However, in the actual production process of polysilicon, it is universally inseparable from electric heating cables.

The production process of polysilicon mainly consists of high-purity quartz (reduced by high-temperature coke) → industrial silicon (etching) → silicon powder (HCl addition) → SiHCl3 (after crude distillation) → high-purity SiHCl3 (reaction with h2 CVD method) → high purity polysilicon. The amount of water to be used in this process.

However, in the cold northern winter, the outside air temperature is generally too low, so it is necessary to insulate the outdoor water pipes. Traditional steam heating has many disadvantages, and electric heating is gradually becoming more and more popular among enterprises.

In addition, in the manufacturing process of industrial silicon, semi-closed melting furnaces are typically used to generate heat by using the exhaust heat of the flue gases generated by the electric furnace, however, with the quick operation of the generator, heat will be lost. Too fast, so that the remaining heat cannot be fully used, resulting in losses. In view of this situation, the insulation system of the electric heating cable can be used to compensate for heat, and the electric heating cable can be installed on the corresponding equipment of the generator set.

For the water pipes needed to produce polysilicon, if the pipe length is small, it is generally sufficient to use self-regulating electric heating cable. If the pipe is long, you can consider the series electric heating cable. However, in the manufacturing process of technical silicon, it is believed that there will be steam when using electric heating cables for technical silicon. Since the steam temperature is relatively high, it is necessary to look for electric heating cables with high heat resistance. The temperature of conventional self-regulating constant power electric heating cables cannot meet the requirements. It is recommended to use high heat resistance MI stainless steel armored electric heating cables.

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