Pipeline Insulation Desulfurization Power Plant Electric Heating Cable

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2023-02-28 13:08

Wet desulphuration is applied to transfer and discharge of desulphurisation pipelines in power plants. When the temperature is relatively low in winter, the sludge freezes and blocks due to the temperature difference, which reduces the efficiency of the equipment and affects the operation of the power plant. Early desurbing pipelines in power plants used steam heating, but were abandoned due to many disadvantages such as uneven heating, excessively high or low temperature, overspending of water resources, and high cost. After years of hard work, the currently used heating and heat preservation equipment is a high-tech electric heating system.

Huaning recommends self-limiting temperature electric heating cables for the characteristics of desulfurization and environmental protection projects in power plants to avoid the phenomenon in which the desulfurization efficiency of various drill pipes and industrial water pipes in the power station desulfurization system freezes in winter. The efficiency of desulfurization is reduced, making them unable to work normally.

Self-regulating temperature electric heating Heating is the use of electric heating equipment to convert electrical energy into thermal energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange, the heat loss of the heat exchange equipment is supplemented by insulating materials, and temperature control is used to track and control the temperature of the medium in the heat exchange equipment, keeping it at a reasonable economic level. The self-regulating electric heating cable for flue gas desulfurization in thermal power plants consists of a conductive core with PTC characteristics and a composite insulation layer. Long-term use, good insulation performance, good anti-aging performance, low pressure.

Due to the acid and alkali solution transported in the desulfurization system, the desulfurization pipeline must have anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and heat-resistant functions to ensure the normal operation of the desulfurization system. The electric heating cable used in the insulation of desulfurization pipelines must also be anti-corrosion and explosion-proof.

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