Troubleshooting method of parallel electric heating cables during storage and transportation of chemicals

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2023-02-27 11:23

With regard to the effect of the electric heating system on the stable operation of the warehouse and the transportation of chemicals, emergency management is aimed at restoring the electric heating system as soon as possible when the electric heating system fails to avoid affecting the entry and exit of materials.

Most of the faults of parallel electric heating cables are caused by damage to the resistance wire. At this time, the electric heating cables can still work as a whole. Reasonable to assess the presence of a malfunction by analyzing the change in operating current. to find the location of the malfunction. The faults of consecutive electric heating cables mainly include shutdown errors, ground short circuit, and interfacial short circuits. There are three main search methods.

Wire search method. Disconnect the electric heating cable from the middle, and then measure the resistance to the ground or between phases from the shutdown, determine that the place of the damage is in the area before and after the break, and then disconnect the damage area from the middle after the area range is determined, and so on until the fault is confirmed. Within 20 cm, this method will cause greater damage to the electric heating cable.

Disable search method. It is mainly used to detect a shutdown fault, cut the middle insulation layer of the electric heating cable, ground one end, measure the on-off state of the heating cable to the ground with a multimeter, determine whether the fault point is in the first half or the second half, and then connect the cable after confirmation. Isolation in the middle of the faulty segment is cut, And so on until the fault is found.

Cable defect detection method. This method can find various faults of electric heating cables. Using the similarity between the structure of the electric heating cable and the structure of the cable, use the cable fault detector to determine the range of the fault point, and then use various fixed-point methods, such as the acoustic measurement method and the audio method, to accurately determine the point, improve the trouble finding efficiency, and reduce the damage of the electric heating cable. Should be used first when searching for faults.

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