Molten Salt Electric Heating Housing of Tower Photothermal Power Plant

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2023-02-24 10:53

The technology of tower-type photothermal energy generation from molten salt has been commercialized in China due to the advantages of high concentration ratio, high photothermal conversion efficiency, continuous power generation at night, and independent peak regulation. The tower of molten salt technology is also half a fraction. The 50 MW Hami Molten Salt Cooling Tower project of CLP Engineering is one of the first CSP demonstration projects in the country and the first CSP demonstration project in Xinjiang. The solar thermal power plant successfully connected to the grid for the first time in 2019.

Due to the low temperature condensation of salt melt, the radiator salt melt pipeline is equipped with an electric heating cable system to keep the system running normally. The electric heating cable adopts different laying patterns according to the power required and different designs of the heated equipment. The electric heating cable has a Y-shaped connection method, a U-shaped connection method, etc. D., as well as the position of the connection. The box is also adjustable and changes depending on the method of laying the heating cable. The two ends of the electric heating cable on the thermocouple side and the test device should be fixed conveniently and securely. The distance between the spare thermocouple and the spare power junction box is equal to the distance of the working thermocouple, and the power junction box should be as close as possible, and the power cable stock should be taken into account when switching. Considering the way electric heating cables are laid on the pipelines, the temperature of the upper part of the pipelines is slightly higher than the temperature of the lower parts of the pipelines, the length of the electric heating cables on each loop of the vertical pipelines should not be too long, and the thermocouples on the horizontal pipelines should be installed as high as possible above the pipelines. When laying electric heating cables, the electrical heating cables of the same circuit should not be overlapped or crossed. The cold end of the weld of the electric heating cables should be outside the pipe insulation, and the junction box should be reasonably located on a nearby structural basis. Platform.

The mineral insulated heating cable (Mineral Insulated Ead Calle) consists of a metal core (heating body), the core tightly surrounded by mineral magnesium oxide (insulation layer) and a metal tube (usually copper, steel or stainless steel, 316L, 825). Alloy, etc.). If desired, the layer of the anticorrosive outer shell of polyperfluoroethylene-propylene can be squeezed out of the metal shell.

Mineral insulated heating cables are suitable for freezing protection in industry or construction, as well as for heat preservation and heating of process environments. Especially for pipelines that require high power output or must withstand high temperature steam purging and work at high temperature for a long time, in environments that require anti-corrosion and explosion safety, the mineral insulated heating cables of the MISS electric heating system can show excellent performance.

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