Is the electric heating cable for the sulfur storage tank to use a high temperature self-limiting electric heating cable or a series electric heating cable?

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2023-02-23 10:56

Sulfur is a light yellow crystal at room temperature, with a melting point of 112-119 °C. Liquid sulfur has a unique viscosity-temperature property, has a low viscosity of 10-14 cp at 130-155 ° C., and the best fluidity; when the temperature is above 165 ° C., the viscosity directly increases, reaching more than 800 cp; when the temperature is above 190 ° C., the viscosity becomes smaller again. Therefore, in order to achieve the best state of infusion sulfur, its temperature must be maintained in the range of 130-155 °C.

Sulphuric acid has high corrosion activity and is harmful to the human body. Therefore, during production or transportation, it must be carried out through anti-corrosion pipelines. Since sulfuric acid is a liquid medium, it is prone to freeze in winter, as are water pipes. At the same time, if measures are not taken to protect against freezing and preserve heat, Sulphuric acid condenses easily, which affects production and transportation. This is taken into account by users when winter comes, so it is recommended to use electric heating cables for freezing treatment and heat preservation.

The electric heating system is mainly composed of two parts: the control unit and the electric heating cable. The control unit uses temperature control units, and each circuit is equipped with a temperature measurement point to track, measure and control the process temperature of the pipeline. At all times. Based on the specified temperature value, when the system temperature is lower than the set temperature, the circuit is automatically connected to increase the temperature of the pipeline process; when the system temperature is higher than the set temperature, the temperature control system automatically turns off. Power source and limit temperature: a set temperature is reached.

For freezing protection and heat preservation of sulfuric acid storage tanks, the choice of electric heating cables should be based on the volume or temperature requirements of the storage tanks. Generally, there are differences in the choice of electric heating cables for large storage tanks and small storage tanks Large storage tanks, Such as If the tank has a height of 20 meters and a diameter of 18 meters, it is generally recommended to use constant power electric heating cables On the contrary, for storage tanks with a diameter of 8-10 meters and a height of about 10 meters, self-regulating heating cables are more suitable.

To protect against freezing and heat preservation of sulfuric acid storage tanks, the choice of electric heating cables should be anti-corrosion. Due to the strong corrosion of sulfuric acid, the use of conventional heating cables cannot meet the requirements of heat preservation and corrosion protection. Therefore, the use of anti-corrosion electric heating cables can provide a certain degree of thermal insulation effect and service life, For this users must understand.

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