Solar Thermal Power Plant Molten Salt Storage Tank Electric Heater

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2023-02-22 11:00

Energy storage technology with heat storage in molten salt can solve the problem of energy storage in the production of solar thermal energy, and is widely used in new solar thermal power plants. The molten salt electric heater is one of the main devices of the molten salt heat exchange system, and the design and selection of the electric heater directly affect the safe and stable operation of the heat exchange system with the molten salt.

The submersible electric heater is composed of electric heating elements and flanges, and is suitable for heating large, medium and small containers, oil, water and other viscous liquids, molten materials and gases in storage tanks. The submersible electric heater is now the most widely used form of molten salt tank heating in photothermal power plants.

The submersible electric heater uses U-shaped electric heating elements. According to the design requirements for heating different environments, it is mounted on the flange cover according to the requirements of the power configuration, inserted into the heated material, and has a large amount of heat generated by the heating element transferred to the heating element. The heat carrier raises the temperature of the medium until the temperature is reached, Required technological requirements. When the medium temperature reaches the set value required for the process, the control system adjusts the transmission power of the electric heater after calculating the PID controller according to the temperature sensor signal, and monitors the temperature at the resistive load of the heating element, so that the temperature of the medium is uniform and meets the required requirements. When the heating element overheats, the heating element heat preservation device immediately shuts down the heating power to prevent the heating element from burning out and extend the service life.

The submersible electric heater installation design includes a housing and an electric heating rod. The body is parallel to the bottom plate of the molten salt tank, one end is fixed to the wall of the molten salt tank by welding, the port at one end inside the molten salt tank is closed, and the port at one end outside the molten salt tank is open, and the hole is located on the insulation of the salt melt tank layer. After the immersion-type electric heater is included in the coupling pipe on the outside of the wall of the molten salt tank, one end in the insulation layer is rigidly connected to the hole of the clutch pipe. The electric heater is placed in the housing, the electric sample type heater, the housing is closed in the storage tank, the electric heater is inserted into the housing on the outside of the storage tank wall, the electric heater can be easily and conveniently replaced, and it is guaranteed that the molten salt in the storage tank cannot easily leak out.

Submersible electric heater is a relatively mature design, the main advantages are as follows: small size, high heating power; the heating system can be fully automated, including control of the electric heating system through the DCS system; high heating temperature; it can be used in various cases of heating different media, such as explosion-proof cases, etc. D.; long service life, with multiple protection systems, stable and reliable; maintenance and replacement are more convenient.

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