Working Principle of Corrosion Resistant Electric Heating Composite Pipe in CEMS System

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2023-02-21 13:06

In the CEMS system, the corrosion-resistant heated composite sampling tube is an important component for testing online equipment. It can measure and analyze the flue gas temperature during the application process of the flue gas processor and effectively reduce the condensation problem. The operation of the entire system Due to its influence, the flue gas sampling pipe is typically heated continuously to complete the temperature treatment, and it is always maintained above 140 °C. If the temperature exceeds 140 °C, the system stops heating. If the temperature is below 140 °C, the system is in a continuous heating mode.

Corrosion-resistant heated sampling composite pipe plays an important role in the operation of the CEMS system. Its main components include: corrosion-resistant resin pipe, heating tape, insulation layer, track, flame-retardant polyolefin, etc. D. It is worth noting that the self-regulating heating cable performs centralized temperature control, and the power per hour is from 40 to 60 W. It is mainly a heating material connected in parallel in the form of dots. The temperature is controlled at 140 °. C, and the reliability is good.

Therefore, when analyzing the working principle of the corrosion-resistant composite heating pipe, the working principle of the electric heating cable is mainly analyzed, because the electric heating element of the self-regulating electric heating cable uses PTC materials to complete. Reciprocal work between parallel metal tires Yes, after power is supplied to one end of the cable, the current will naturally flow directly from the bus to the PTC material, and then directly to the bus structure at the other end. The resistance inside the PTC layer itself becomes a heating element, realizing the process of converting electrical energy into thermal energy, and also performs comprehensive heating and heat preservation processing in a real application operating system. It is noted that the internal resistance of the self-regulating electric heating cable will gradually increase with increasing temperature until it reaches the high resistance range, and the resistance will increase to the current blocking degree. Self-regulating electric heating cable. The temperature of the internal core of the heating cable will be turned off due to a current lock, forming a temperature limited state.

On this basis, formally due to the advantages of applying the self-regulating heating cable's own heating system, the power output and control can be performed by automatic adjustment, and there will be no combustion problem due to excessive heat dissipation, and the actual heat required can also be realized in time. As a representative of the new energy-saving equipment, Corrosion-resistant Poplar CIA composite pipes play an important role in the CEMS system, achieving low temperature application goals, fast start-up and uniform temperature, and can provide a good guarantee of safe operation of the whole protection system.

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