Application Points of Corrosion Resistant Composite Electric Heating Pipe in CEMS System

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2023-02-21 12:03

For the internal desulfurization system of the enterprise, the corrosion-resistant heated composite sampling pipe plays a very important role. System to be improved.

In the actual application process, it is necessary to combine the operating points of the corrosion-resistant, heated sampling composite pipe for rational management and control, in order to take full advantage of the application of the corrosion-resistant poplar composite with the CIA heating pipe, and to improve the comprehensive level of operation of the CEMS system.

The storage, transportation, installation and handling of corrosion-resistant composite heat sampling pipes must be comprehensively monitored. Since the design of the corrosion-resistant, heated sampling composite pipe itself is environmentally sensitive, it is necessary to avoid dragging it on the ground as much as possible in order to reduce the adverse impact of external damage on the subsequent application control. In addition, it is necessary to avoid water and oil entering the corrosion-resistant composite tube for heating sampling, which will affect the protective coating and the inner insulation layer, so that the corresponding processing process cannot play a role.

In order to improve the application effect of corrosion-resistant composite pipes for heating, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive control and inspection of electrical heating cables and tubing for sampling, especially after the completion of inspection work, heat-shrinkable couplings should be used to complete the sealing to ensure. That the corrosion-resistant heated sampling composite pipe has no damage problems in front of the CEMS system to play the applied role of each internal component.

In the process of installing the composite pipe for sampling corrosion-resistant heating, try to avoid scratching and damaging the equipment. If it is necessary to pass through the connecting box of the line, it is necessary to protect some parts of the corrosion-resistant composite tube for heating sampling, which are relatively easy to wear, so as to fundamentally avoid the destruction of the protective layer caused by vibration and friction. Generally speaking, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive processing of the bridge frame or the special design of the pipe frame to minimize the impact caused by the laying of power cables, improve the basic value of the control and control mode, and maintain the application efficiency. Electric heating composite pipe with corrosion protection with the advantages of ensuring the management of the CEMS system.

In the process of applying the composite tube for corrosion-resistant heating sampling, the most important thing is to ensure the installation of the heating tape is completed, so it is necessary to carry out the safety check for insulation resistance, especially before the installation operation. For performance testing and processing, the wire insulation resistance should generally be controlled above 20 Mhm. If the weather is relatively humid, a comprehensive study and analysis of the specific situation should be carried out to ensure that the transmission of electricity is put into operation within reasonable limits, and the transmission of the upper and lower processes should be clearly recorded.

In order to ensure the rationality of the application management of corrosion-resistant composite tubes for heating sampling, it is necessary to test and analyze the airtightness of the sampling tubes, and to use dry tools for the fullest evaluation.

In order to ensure the rationality of the use of corrosion-resistant composite electric heating pipes, the design distribution capacity must be combined with the specific requirements of self-limiting temperature electric heating. Since the self-constrained temperature heating cable itself has PTC characteristics, it is necessary to control the pulse current in the power transfer process. If the switch of the distribution power parameters is small, it will inevitably generate heat or even be triggered, and at present it cannot be used. In addition, the length of the composite pipe should be more than 20 m.

In the process of applying the anti-corrosion heating composite sampling pipe, in order to ensure the stability of its operation, if there are large fluctuations in the power supply, it will cause serious damage to the heating cable inside the composite pipe. Voltage stabilization device should be used this time. It is rationalized and controlled to ensure that the appropriate application mode meets the operational requirements.

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