Indoor roller electric heating ventilation ducts

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2023-02-15 10:34

There is a lot of traffic in shopping malls, if there is no ventilation system in the mall, people cannot breathe fresh air.

However, for indoor rollers, the indoor temperature should be kept below 15 °C, the ice surface temperature should be kept at minus 5-6 °C, the ice thickness should be at least 3-5 cm, and the relative humidity of the water vapor on the roller should be low. A stream of water vapor through an air capillary can easily produce face cream, and when it reaches the surface of the lake, it forms icy white spots that are unlikely to cause skaters to box or die, adding many unsafe and adverse factors. In addition, if raindrops do not fall on the heads of the audience, it will affect the mood of the people watching the game. In this way, in order for an outdoor roller to create a safe, reliable, scientific and standardized entertainment environment, electric heating can be used to prevent water vapor circulation pipes from freezing in an open roller.

Generally speaking, the electric heating cable for roller piping can be selected low temperature self-regulating electric heating cable. The self-limiting temperature electric heating cable does not need a temperature controller and can automatically control and adjust the temperature, so that the accompanying pipe can maintain a constant temperature. Therefore, it is relatively more convenient than the constant power electric heating cable, and it is more cost-effective.

The heating cable is evenly wound along the pipeline and other objects, and the temperature controller of the heating cable is used to control the temperature of the outer surface of the pipe. When the temperature at the detection point is below the set value, the temperature controller is turned on and the electric heating system starts to work to maintain the temperature of the pipeline equipment. When the temperature sensor detects that the temperature of the pipeline is higher than the set temperature, the thermostat disables the power supply so that the electric heating system can operate in the most economical and reasonable condition and meet the design requirements for the fire temperature. -Fight against pipeline insulation.

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