Floor Heating LNG Storage Tanks

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2023-02-13 15:21

The temperature of the liquefied natural gas stored in the LNG storage tank is only-165 °C. Although LNG is isolated from the external environment by a layer of explosion about 1 m thick, the cold of LNG will still be slowly carried outside the tank and even cause the foundation to freeze cracks, it is necessary to try to eliminate these cold. At present, air convection and electric heating are mainly used to eliminate cooling capacity. Due to geological reasons, East China's LNG storage tank uses floor-to-ceiling platform design. There is no air convection path inside. Foundation, so electric heating is used to compensate for the cooling capacity.

Mineral insulated heating cable refers to a constant power electric heating cable, also known as an armored heating cable, using an alloy protective layer, in the middle of a dense magnesium oxide insulation layer, and the inner layer is a fixed alloy or channel. Chrome alloy is very suitable for high temperature conditions, the maximum maintenance temperature is 600 °C, and the maximum withstand temperature is 800 °C. The heat dissipation per unit length of the device is constant, but does not change due to changes in the external environment and insulating materials. The general production changes only due to the placement of the temperature sensor. On and off the constant power electric heating belt is controlled by the temperature controller, which can more accurately control the temperature of the medium.

Compared to conventional projects, temperature control units were added to projects in extreme cold regions. Advanced electric heating control system, such as a temperature sensor.

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