Electric heating cable prevents crystallization of liquid epoxy resin

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2023-02-10 17:19

Under normal conditions, the liquid epoxy resin is colorless, transparent and fluid. When the external temperature decreases, the activity of the molecular chain decreases, and it is easy to obtain crystal embryos. Crystallization is more likely to occur when the temperature is in the temperature range of 0 °C to 15 °C. There is also a phenomenon when the temperature difference between day and night is large. The crystallization process will be started and accelerated. Alternating high and low temperatures within 20-30 °C will result in a vicious cycle process, which is also the most common cause of resin crystallization.

Since the crystallization will cause more problems, it is necessary to solve the crystallization problem. Generally, there are four methods: \ n1. Monitor the ambient temperature when the epoxy resin is stored. 2. The crystallized epoxy resin can be reduced by heating and stirring at 50-60 °C. 2. The addition of bisphenol F epoxy resin effectively reduces the crystallization phenomenon, but the price of bisphenol F epoxy resin is slightly higher; the viscosity is slightly higher.

Here we will focus on how to control the ambient temperature when storing epoxy resin. This is a good way to lay electric heating cables on tanks or pipelines.

Electric heating is to use the heat generated by the electric heating products to compensate for the loss of process equipment such as pipes and heating tanks, so that the temperature of the relevant environment can be maintained within reasonable limits to meet the requirements of the electric heating process can directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy, has a simple design, convenient installation and maintenance. Since liquid epoxy resin is more sensitive to temperature requirements, when equipping electric heating cables, you may consider a combination of constant-power thermostats electric heating cables and use temperature regulators to precisely control the temperature.

The application area of the electric heating belt is relatively wide, it can be used not only for the thermal insulation of civil pipelines, but also for the insulation of pipelines in the field of industrial petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, fire protection and is a widely used product for thermal insulation and heating.

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