Diagram of electric heating sprinkler fire extinguishing system

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2023-02-06 13:26

Fire sprinkler system is a widely used stationary fire fighting equipment. Since the initial stage of the fire is the best time to extinguish the fire, the fire sprinkler nozzles must be maintained in normal operation for 24 hours.

However, the water in the fire sprinkler pipe stands still and is more likely to freeze in winter than other types of water pipes. Northeast China, North China and Northwest China are to take thermal insulation measures for spraying in winter. Even in East China and Southwest China, where the temperature is relatively high, although the time when the outdoor temperature in winter is below the freezing point is relatively short., there are still liquids in the pipeline that can also freeze. Therefore, the sprinkler fire extinguishing systems in East and Southwest China also need to preserve heat. And electric heating is a very good insulation measure.

The electric heating cable uses the method of converting electrical energy into thermal energy to maintain the temperature required for the pipeline, which ensures safety, environmental protection and energy saving. Generally speaking, until the sprinkler system freezes, with the exception of some northern areas, the general fire sprinkler system can meet the heat preservation requirements by using self-regulating electric heating cables.

The above is only the electric heating circuit of the fire sprinkler system. You can find out from the electric heating manufacturer how the sprinkler system coils the electric heating.

Of course, the self-control low temperature electric heating belt is not only used for fire protection, but also widely used in civil solar energy, geothermal heating, fire protection, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, environmental protection, etc. D. Pipelines and tanks of industrial enterprises., anticoagulants, antifreezes.

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