Electric heating scheme for freezing protection and heat preservation of organic chemical raw materials acrylic acid pipeline

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2023-02-06 13:24

Chemical acrylic acid is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor and is an aggressive chemical raw material that is soluble in water, ethanol and ether. The liquid had a melting point of 13 °C and a boiling point of 139 °C.

Because acrylic acid is a flammable and explosive product, at a relatively low ambient temperature in the cold winter, acrylic acid is prone to freezing, resulting in safety problems. Therefore, in order for acrylic acid not to freeze at low temperatures, it is necessary to insulate and insulate acrylic pipes and tanks.

Currently the most popular in chemical plants is electric heating. Since the melting point of acrylic acid is 13 °C, it is necessary to use only a self-regulating electric heating cable, and since acrylic acid is a flammable and explosive product, self-contained products are subject to corrosion protection and explosion safety requirements. -Control electric heating cable.

Low temperature self-regulating heating cable consists of a conductive material, two parallel tires and an insulating layer. Its characteristic is that the conductive material has a high positive temperature coefficient of resistance, and the output power can be automatically adjusted when the ambient temperature changes. In

Parameters of low temperature self-regulating electric heater

(1) Standard color: black/blue

(2) Temperature range: The maximum operating temperature is 65 ± 5 °C and the maximum sustained temperature is 90 °C.

(3) Design temperature: Polyolefin minimum-20 °C, Fluorine material minimum-60 °C

(4) Starting current: ≤ 0.5 A/m

(5) Thermal stability: After the electric heating belt has passed the thermal performance test, its power should be maintained at 90% of the original value.

(6) Bending radius: 25.4mm at-20 °C, 35mm at-60 °C

(7) Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the electric heating conductor and the metal shielding layer shall not be less than 50 MOM.

Low-temperature self-regulating electric heating tapes are widely used in civil solar power, geothermal heating, fire, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial plants for heating, heat preservation, anticoagulation and antifreeze protection of pipelines and tanks. The heating cable is suitable for common areas, explosive zones and corrosion zones. After being used together with the explosion-proof power junction box, it is suitable for T6, T4 and T3 explosive gas mixtures in the first and second areas of the plant, which are not directly affected by external forces.

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