Application of self-limiting temperature electric heating cable in magnetic pump

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2023-02-03 11:17

Magnetic drive pumps are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical, petroleum industry, electroplating, food processing, film photo processing, research institutions, national defense industry, etc. D. The medium inside the magnetic drive pump is organic acid, organic compound, alkali, neutral solution and so on. Because winter temperatures are low, especially in northern regions, temperatures are low in winter, and it is easy to freeze if isolation measures are not taken. The appearance of electric heating cable is a good solution to this problem.

Electric heating is a freeze protection measure that uses a heat-dissipating electrical tape that accompanies the laying of pipes, tanks, etc. D. To provide heat so that the environment inside the pipe can be maintained within a reasonable temperature range. The current electric heating is mainly divided into MI mineral insulated heating cables. Constant power electric heating, self-regulating electric heater, etc. Among them, the first two types of electric heating mainly use the heat generated by the current passing through the resistance. Self-temperature-controlled electric heating is mainly a flat shape extruded from the conductive plastic and the prefabricated tire, which ensures good contact with the pipeline.

For magnetic drive pumps, the self-regulating electric heating cable is usually used to keep the heat of the magnetic drive pump. In use, the electric heating cable is wound outside the pump body to the inlet and outlet. The self-control temperature electric heating cable is divided into three types: low-temperature, medium-temperature and high-temperature. As for which product to choose among the magnetically driven pumps, it depends on the model of the magnetically driven pump.

The liquid transported by the stainless steel magnetic pump is alkaline, and the liquid transported by the fluorine magnetic pump is acidic liquid When choosing explosion-proof electric heating cables for the two types of magnetic pumps, it is necessary to look at the freezing temperature and boiling temperature of the alkaline or acidic liquid itself. However, the temperature of the liquid transported by the high-temperature magnetic pump is relatively high, above 100 ° C, and the explosion-proof high-temperature self-regulating electric heating cable can be directly considered.

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