Example of electric heating on the skin effect when transporting crude oil through a pipeline over long distances

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2023-02-01 13:25

Far oil pipeline connected to Zhejiang Petrochemical Company and its storage facility, DN500 pipeline diameter, L245 pipeline material, 3.8MPa pipeline design pressure, 80 °C design temperature The thermal insulation material is ultralight aluminosilicate coil felt, insulation layer thickness 60mm.

As there are other buildings between it and the storage facility, the final selection of the pipeline is based on laying the overhead portion of the public pipeline gallery, and the total length of the crude oil pumping pipeline is 8,000 m. Most oil trunk products have a condensation blockage above 30 °C. To ensure uninterrupted flow of pipeline transport and prevent the formation of condensate, the temperature of the medium in the pipeline must always be maintained above 40 °C.

The skin effect electric heating system is an electromagnetic induction process by attenuation of electromagnetic waves in ferromagnets. Most of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy in the form of vortex currents. The electric heating system consists of special special transformers, box-type electricity distribution control cabinets, outdoor heating cables, heating steel pipes, various distribution boxes and other auxiliary accessories.

The skin effect electric heating system has been used on the company's main oil pipeline for more than five years, during the operation of the electric heating system there have been no failures affecting normal operation, except for scheduled repairs and temporary outages. The regular maintenance process takes a short time and can be completed within 12 hours. It can be said that the main oil pipeline uses a surface effect electric heating system, which can fully meet the production requirements in application.

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