Life, power, price, model and other conditions are all issues worth paying attention to when choosing electric heating cables.

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2023-01-14 11:24

As a ribbon electric heating equipment, an electric heating cable is used to convert electrical energy into heat to maintain the temperature of the internal environment, make up for the heat loss of the heating object in the process, and keep the leaking environment in the process. The most reasonable temperature range of the process. Its performance is remarkable, it is different from an electric heating with a high concentration of heat load at one point or a small area, it transfers heat along the length of the pipeline, is installed on the surface of the pipeline and the reservoir, and gives off heat evenly over a large area. Since the electric heating temperature gradient is small, the heating time is longer, and the power required is much less than that of the electric heater, so the electric heating has the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, uniform heating, accurate temperature, convenient design and installation, easy maintenance, low labor cost, No pollution and easy automation and remote control.

There are many types of electric heating products, including self-controlled electric heating cables, constant power electric heating cables, MI mineral insulation power supplies, snow melting heating cables, leather effect electric heating cables and other products. When choosing an electric heating cable, one should proceed from the following aspects.

The service life of

The rated life of electric heating cables produced by various manufacturers is significantly different. In general, the normal service life of constant power series heating cables is 15 years, and the normal use of constant power parallel heating cables is 5-8 years. The service life of the heating cable is generally more than 15 years, which is an ideal state. The specific service life of the heating cable depends largely on the environment, such as the frequency of use and the temperature of use.


Constant power electric heating cables are mainly suitable for heating and heat preservation in main pipelines. One power point can provide power and heating at distances of hundreds to thousands of meters. Oil and gas are suitable for underground pipelines. And the intersection of rivers and rivers For pipelines, it is recommended to choose series electric heating cables controlled by temperature regulators for main pipelines; parallel constant power electric heating cables are mainly used for heat preservation of auditorium pipes, instruments and fittings; Characteristics, simple installation and maintenance and long service life, it is widely used in industry, It is recommended to choose this type of electric heating cable at the installation site.

control method

Generally speaking, there are two control methods: one is a self-control method of temperature from start to start, introduced by self-control electric heating cable, the heating material is adjusted according to its own temperature, And it is not easy to burn out due to excessive temperature One of the thermostat control methods is constant power parallel and series electric heating cables, mineral insulated heating cables, etc. D. Should be installed with a thermostat to control the temperature.

Structure Type

There are different types of electric heating cables, such as explosion-proof type and ordinary type. Which one to use depends on the use environment. If you are not sure, please contact us directly.

Voltage level

The voltage level of the electric heating cable is determined by the distribution voltage level and the length of the pipeline to be heated. If the pipeline is short, select the 220 V electric heating cable, otherwise select the 380 V electric heating cable. Heating cable.


There are many electric heating cables, and each product has many different models according to the conditions of use, so the price of electric heating cables will vary greatly. Now prices on the market are also relatively chaotic, and the price gap is large. The price measurement of electric heating cables is a factor that needs to be considered, but it is not the dominant factor. The key factor is the quality and characteristics of electric heating cables.

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