Discussion of the choice of the type of electric heating at the site of a gas well of a coal reservoir

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2023-01-12 13:08

my country is rich in methane from coal seams. According to the assessment of coal seam methane resources, the geological resources of the methane of shallow coal seams below 2,000 m in my country are about 36 trillion cubic meters, mainly distributed in North China and Northwest China. Temperatures in northwest China are too low in winter, and pipelines of coal-bed methane plants are prone to freezing and blockage.

In order to ensure the safety of the plant's installations and equipment during the winter, the coal seam methane plant uses electric heating cables on the surface of the steam water pipelines for heating, and to ensure normal operation in the winter, thermal insulation wool is used on the side to prevent the pipelines from freezing. Electric heating is currently an effective method of maintaining the technological temperature in station facilities and collection pipelines. Electric heating has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple structure, convenient construction and installation, no pollution and long service life.

Electric heating cables mainly include high-power electric heating cables and self-limiting temperature heating cables Currently, self-limiting temperature heating cables are used in coal bed methane mining plants. The constant power electric heating tape is made of resistance metal wire or a special beam of carbon fibers connected in series or in parallel with the conductive core and insulating material.

The electric heating cable consists of nanoconductive carbon particles and two parallel tires plus an insulating layer. With this parallel structure, all self-regulating heating cables can be cut into any length in place and connected by double-sided or three-sided junction boxes. In each heating cable, the number of circuits between the tires varies with temperature. When the temperature around the heating cable becomes low, the conductive plastic compresses the micromolecules and connects the carbon particles to form a circuit. The current passes through these tires. Heat the heating cable. The temperature of the self-regulating electric heating belt is uniform, it does not overheat, saves electricity, heats up quickly, allows repeated overlapping without exceeding temperature points.

The electric heating system is very important for the safe mining of methane wells from coal seams in the winter, so the choice of electric heating cable should consult professionals in detail and find experienced manufacturers.

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