Civil water and electricity heating system

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2023-01-11 14:08

To maintain the water temperature of the hot water system in civil buildings, one system is an electric heating system and the other is a circulation system. Traditional methods are based on a continuous circulation system, including a number of circulation pumps, valves, additional pipelines, etc. D. The circulation system maintains the temperature of the water in the pipe, and the user still has to release cold water into the pipe, which will lead to overconsumption of water both during the waiting process for hot water and in the process of both reducing the waste of resources and how to maintain the water temperature, the energy will inevitably be generated consume. As finishing standards and the complexity of buildings increase in confined space, more piping systems, mechanical systems, valve accessories, etc. are allowed to be placed. D. This forces people to set the eternal goal of saving energy and human resources, and encourages engineers and technicians to seek an economical, efficient and energy-saving hot water system.

In the standard hot water circulation system, the hot water supplied by the system will pass through all pipes to various parts of the building, and a small amount of hot water will be returned from the final pipe to the circulation water pump and heat exchanger. A typical recirculation system includes balancing valves, extensive piping, extensive insulation, and a number of circulating water pumps. The installation of the system in terms of balancing devices and additional devices will also lead to a large waste of human resources.

The electric heating system maintains the required water temperature, replenishing the heat loss of the insulated hot water pipeline. The self-regulating electric heating belt can be used directly in the hot water pipeline, and the water temperature of each energy source in the pipeline system can be adjusted according to its length, maintains the required temperature. The electric heating system does not require return pipes and circulation pumps, and the cost of heat preservation and labor is much less than that of the recirculation system.

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