Application of electric heating in asphalt pipelines and tanks

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2022-12-29 16:13

The electric heating uses electric heating energy to replenish the heat lost by the heating body in the process to maintain the most acceptable process temperature of the flowing environment The electric heating is uniform along the length of the pipeline or over a large area of the tank volume Heat release, which is different from the electric heating, where the heat load is highly concentrated at one point or over a small area. Electric heating has a small temperature gradient and a long time of thermal stability, which is suitable for long-term use. Many projects in the past have also used thermal insulation methods such as steam and water heating to prevent oil pipelines from being affected. Medium flow due to low temperature. However, all aspects of the effect are not as good as in electric heating.

Take the petrochemical plant in Karamay as an example to see how to choose electric heating cables in the process of asphalt production and transportation. The plant's electric heating system is mainly used in the asphalt tank area, including new and old bitumen oil inlet piping in the trade floor, 800,000 tons per year propane deasphalting inlet pipeline, etc. D.

Since the object of heating is asphalt, it is necessary to maintain a high temperature and high heating power, so a heating cable with MI mineral insulation and a consistent heating structure was chosen.

Mineral Insulated Heating Cable MI has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency metal sheath and mineral insulation, high mechanical strength, etc. D. It consists of all inorganic materials, has no aging phenomenon, has a long service life, the maximum maintenance temperature is 600 ℃, explosion-proof and constant power. It is suitable for high temperature and low temperature pipeline equipment requiring high reliability, underground pipelines, long pipelines, etc. D.

Although the one-time investment in electric heating is high, operating costs are significantly reduced and the economic benefits are very significant. In the process of production and transportation of oxidized bitumen raw materials, electric heating has fully shown its characteristics of good handling, high reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and economy.

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