Selection of type of electric heating cables for chemical pipelines

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2022-12-27 15:24

In the process of storage and transfer of chemical media, heat loss is inevitable. Many environments with high melting point, high viscosity, easy to solidify and easy to moisture, which will affect the material properties if the temperature cannot reach the required process temperature seriously affect normal production. The electric heating cable uses electric heating to compensate for the heat loss dissipated by the heating pipeline and equipment in the process to ensure that the temperature of the medium meets the specific requirements of the process.

Whether the electric heating product and the design chosen or not are correct depends not only on whether the entire electric heating system can work normally, but also on investment costs, operating costs, operational quality and product life. The requirements for the thermal insulation of the process environment and the amount of heat compensation of the system are the main factors determining the choice of the electric heating system. If there is no research on the calculation and optimization of electric heating products, this not only affects the smooth progress of the process of debugging on and temperature rise, but also creates unnecessary problems during subsequent operation and maintenance.

According to the input conditions, such as the power supply conditions and the length of the pipe to collect the load on the network, the model of the product with the electric heating cable is determined. Taking into account the environment and technical requirements for the electric heating system, as well as the operational performance of the product, the choice is based on the principles of economy, applicability and optimal distribution.

Electric heating cables are divided into self-regulating type, constant power type, mineral insulated heating cables of mi type, etc. D. Self-regulating heating cables have a low range of heat resistance and are suitable for temperature control. The heating cable gives the best results and is suitable for laying in places with a large number of valve taps where cross-overlapping can occur.

Constant power electric heating cable has a range of high temperature resistance, which is suitable for pipelines with strict temperature control. The constant power electric heating cable is divided into parallel type and series type. Very high power electric heating cables are generally limited to the length of the section. If the section length cannot be found when cutting, this part of the electric heating cable will not work. This will not only affect the heating effect of the pipeline, but also cause waste, so cutting is not allowed.

Serial electric heating cables and mineral insulated heating cables are more suitable for long or conventional piping. It is necessary to determine the exact length required according to the actual length of the project. The estimated power and required length should be precisely aligned with the actual length of the local pipeline before use, check. The MI type heating cable has a range of resistance to high temperatures and is suitable for operating conditions in which the pipeline maintains a high temperature or sometimes high maximum operating temperature.

Of course, many factors must be considered when choosing a suitable electric heating cable for chemical pipelines. For example, determine the thickness of the insulation layer. Calculation of compensation for heat loss and additional heating. Mounting length and method of laying electric heating cable etc. These professional problems can be transferred to the electric heating cable manufacturer to help you solve them later.

Our staff is engaged in the production and sale of electric heating cables with rich experience. Our electric heating is used all year round in asphalt, hydrogen sulfide, aniline pipelines, oil pipelines, alkaline, sulfuric acid and other chemical pipelines. So no matter what type of chemical pipeline needs electric heating, we can provide you with suitable products.

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