The use of electric heating cables in low-flow fire extinguishing water pipelines, water pipelines and sewer pipes.

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2022-12-26 11:30

In North China and East China, the problem of non-freezing of open structural pipelines, such as open layers of equipment piping and underground garages, is suffering from manufacturing and life. For pipes with a diameter of less than DN40, add the insulation layer in a timely manner. If there is no heat source for heating at low cost at night, the shutdown usually drops from 10 °C to 0 °C within 3 hours, which is very dangerous.

Jinan Metro Line 1 has an open floor design for the engineering equipment section of the subway car chain. In other rooms, except for the duty room, there is no heating. The equipment layer has a network of water pipes, a network of fire pipes (including a network of sprinkler pipes), a network of sewer pipes, etc. D. Among them, the flow rate of the medium in the water pipe, fire pipe and sprinkler pipe is almost zero when the utilization rate of the pipeline with a diameter of less than DN40 is low. To ensure the normal operation of each pipeline network in winter, the pipes must be treated with antifreeze.

There are three types of antifreeze treatment:

Pipe heating for building heating systems. Pipes arranged in parallel with water pipes, fire water pipes and heat pipes are insulated from each other, and heat for the device is provided by the temperature of the walls of the heat pipes. This scheme is feasible in thermodynamic theory, but different management units will be involved in the design and wiring of the pipeline network, and the operability of this scheme is small.

Antifreeze fills fire extinguishing pipes. For a large network of pipelines with a large volume of filling, it is necessary to consider the possibility of absorbing the expansion of the antifreeze when the temperature rises again and the timely replenishment of the antifreeze when the temperature decreases. It is also necessary to prevent the freezing and cracking of the pipeline at the border of tap water and antifreeze. There are certain difficulties in the design and operation of construction.

Heat insulation and heat preservation electric heating semi-heating, the electric heating cable is fixed directly on the pipe wall through aluminum foil and other materials, and the outside is wrapped with an insulation layer and other protective layers. The whole system is under the control of the thermostat, and the temperature of the medium in the pipe is always in a certain range controlled volatility. To ensure that the pipe does not freeze under low flow rate conditions, it is necessary that the pipe wall temperature is maintained above 5 °C.

HCL series electric heating belt is a kind of electric heating product with a wire core as a heating element. Since the resistance per unit length of the wire core and the passing current are constant, the entire heating belt is heated evenly from end to end, and the output power is constant. Its biggest feature is its long length of use, which is mainly suitable for heating and heat preservation of single pipelines of long and ultra-long length. The maximum length of the power point is from several hundred meters to several thousand meters.

Our electric heating cables have been selected. Water pipe network, fire pipe network (, sewer pipe network and other pipes of Jinan Metro Line 1 work well, ensuring the safe operation of Metro Line 1 and bringing good economic and social benefits.

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