Armored electric heating should be selected for electric heating of metal sodium pipelines above 130 ° C.

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2022-11-18 16:37

Electric heating is widely used in the metallurgical sodium industry Electric heating belts are usually used for heating and heat preservation of storage tanks of industrial equipment, pipes, tanks and other containers within 130 ° C. However, there are very few technical applications for heating and heat preservation of storage tanks for working equipment, pipes, tanks and other containers above 130 °C, and armored heating cables can be used.

According to the requirements of the new sodium metal process, the estimated temperature of the pipeline surface is not lower than 120 °C, especially when the sodium medium is flowing in the pipeline, the temperature cannot be reduced, otherwise the sodium will stick and solidify. Block the pipeline, which poses a security threat. Our armored electric heating system is great for heating and heat preservation of industrial equipment, pipes, tanks and other tanks in the temperature range from 130 °C to 600 °C service life High temperature resistance, fire resistance, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, explosion safety, easy control.

Armored electric heating is commonly understood as mineral insulated heating cables. This heating cable consists of a metal core (heater body), the core is tightly surrounded by mineral magnesium oxide (insulation layer) and a metal tube (usually made of copper, steel or stainless steel, 316L alloy, 825, etc. E.). If desired, the layer of the anticorrosive outer shell of polyperfluoroethylene-propylene can be squeezed out of the metal shell.

Armored electric heating is suitable for freezing protection in industry or construction, as well as for heat preservation and temperature improvement in process environments. Especially for pipelines that require high power output or must withstand high temperature steam purging and work at high temperature for a long time, in environments that require anti-corrosion and explosion safety, the mineral insulated heating cables of the MISS electric heating system can show excellent performance.

Armored electric heating products are usually manufactured in the factory and assembled from complete components. When delivered, the fuel part of the armored electric heating is connected to the cold end armored wire section through a cold and hot joint, and the lead wire is pulled out through a cold end joint and equipped with tip bolts that can be directly connected to the junction box. The cold end armored wire is an unheated armored electric heating made of pure nickel or pure copper and configured according to the current of each armored heating cable. The length of the cold end reinforced wire is usually 0.5-2.5 m, and it connects to the reinforced heating cable through a sealed connector.

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