Practical example of electric heating in antifreeze and heat preservation of water tank tower

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2022-11-16 14:46

Long-distance water transfer projects are the most direct and effective way to address the problems of uneven temporary and spatial distribution of water resources in my country and insufficient water supply to cities. With the development of cities and the acceleration of urbanization, long-distance water transmission projects still show the trend of large-scale and multi-network lines, and engineering safety issues are becoming more and more prominent. Hydraulic shock will occur if the water pump is turned off or the valve suddenly closes, threatening the safety of the water supply system. Since the engineering investment in the stabilising tower is relatively small, and it has a good effect of protecting against hydraulic impact in both hydraulic impact and pressure drop wave, it is preferred in long distance water supply projects.

The winter in the north of my country is cold and the frost period lasts almost 4 months. In real engineering, if no measures are taken, the outdoor water works will not work normally. The electric heating system is designed to prevent liquid from freezing in pipes and containers, to heat pipes and processing equipment with electric heating, to use electric heating to replenish the heat lost by them through the insulation layer, to monitor and control the liquid within a certain temperature range, to achieve the goal of heat preservation and antifreeze. Maintain it at a reasonable and economical level.

A large reservoir emergency connection project in southern Liaoning Province used our electric heating. The design of the voltage stabilization support of this project is located in the field and in the mountainous terrain. In winter, the minimum outside temperature can reach-22 ° C. For insulation and protection from freezing of such remote buildings and structures, the electric heating system is very suitable. There are several steel pipes, connecting pipes, drainage pipes, thermometers and pressure gauges on the ground inside the pressure stabilization tower. In winter, it is necessary to ensure that these pipelines do not freeze and perform the normal function of water supply and pressure. Stabilizing system.

For this project, we are equipped with constant power parallel electric heating tape. A series of constant power parallel electric heating tapes have a constant calorific value per unit length, the longer the electric heating belt is used, the greater the total output power and the maximum usage length of one circuit is greater.

The constant power parallel electric heater consists of several heating sections connected in parallel along the entire length, which can be cut according to actual needs. When heating, it is necessary to use together with a thermostat, which can accurately set the temperature of the medium and realize automatic control. The calorific value per unit length is constant, the longer the electric heating belt used, the greater the total power output. In addition, due to the flexibility of the electric heating belt, it can be attached to the surface of the pipeline. The external metal protective mesh can play the role of explosion protection, anti-interference, heat transfer and heat dissipation, and improve the overall strength of the electric heating belt.

Can be used as a protective grounding wire. Therefore, it is widely used for heat preservation, freezing protection and heating of pipelines, valves, small storage tanks and pump housings.

Temperature control is an important part of the electric heating system, it can accurately reflect the current temperature state in real time, which is convenient for monitoring and can adjust the system temperature at any time. The electric heating system of this project is equipped with a temperature monitoring device at each section of the pipeline for tracking and detecting the pipeline in real time, as well as performing work on temperature control and data collection in the electric heating system at the sites.

Our electric heating cables have been used in this project for many years, and the general condition is in good condition.

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