The role of electric heating in maintaining the temperature in storage tanks in high altitude areas. v

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2022-11-07 11:26

Electric heating is to use the self-heating energy of the electric heating tape in addition to the heat lost by process equipment such as pipelines and storage tanks to maintain the most acceptable process temperature of the flowing medium. The electric heating is a uniform heat dissipation over a large area of the volume of the tank. It differs from the electric heating by a highly concentrated load of one point or a small area. The electric heating has a low temperature gradient and a longer thermal stability time, which is suitable for long-term use. The heat (electric power) required by the heater is greater than that of the electric heater.

Some of the storage tanks on the Mohe pipeline are located in the forest area of the Dasing'an Mountains, where there are high requirements for the prevention of forest fires. The station does not allow the installation of an open-fire ejection device and the water-heating boiler room is not possible, and there is no hot water source. Thus, the method of maintaining the temperature and heating the storage tank takes the form of an electric heating belt with an outer winding.

There are usually two methods for maintaining the temperature and heating the storage tanks: one is to use an internal heating coil to maintain the temperature, and the other is to use external electric heating to maintain the temperature. Due to the special conditions in this area, the method of maintaining the temperature of the heating coil using steam and hot water as heat sources was abandoned, and a method of maintaining the temperature using external-wound electric heating cables was chosen.

Electric heating and temperature maintenance are mainly to wrap the electric heating cable outside the storage tank and use the electric heating belt to heat the oil in the tank to maintain temperature and heat. Compared with traditional hot water or steam heating, the electric heating method has the advantages of simple installation, uniform heating, accurate temperature control, no pollution, water saving, high heat exchange efficiency, long service life, and less design, installation. And maintenance. It is small and can realize outstanding functions such as remote control and automatic control. As a new generation of heating technology after steam heating and hot water heating, it is widely used.

Commonly used types of electric heating cables include constant power electric heating cables, self-regulating electric heating cables, mineral insulated heating cables, surface effect electric heating cables, etc. D. We supply constant power electric heating cables for the Mohe section.

The constant power parallel electric heater consists of several heating sections connected in parallel along the entire length, which can be cut according to actual needs. When heating, it is necessary to use together with a thermostat, which can accurately set the temperature of the medium and realize automatic control. The calorific value per unit length is constant, the longer the electric heating belt used, the greater the total power output. In addition, due to its flexibility, the electric heating tape can be attached to the surface of the pipeline. The external metal protective mesh can act as explosion protection, anti-interference, heat transfer and heat dissipation, increasing the overall strength. Electric heating belt, and can also be used as a protective ground wire. Therefore, it is widely used for heat preservation, freezing protection and heating of pipelines, valves, small storage tanks and pump housings.

Reliable and safe operation of the temperature maintenance system in storage tanks in the Alpine region of Mohe using an electric heating system. We have developed a large number of electric heating cables used in the market to maintain the temperature of large storage tanks in the cold, and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

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