An example of electric heating with autonomous temperature control in the gas-conducting shower of the chemical fertilizer plant and antifreeze hydraulic gate

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2022-10-21 11:02

Heat preservation and self-control of the temperature of the electric heating cable is an energy-saving measure because it can measure the temperature of the pipe wall and automatically adjust the heat; steam heating uses part of the heat wisely, and most of the heat changes from high temperature heating. Class to low grade, which cannot be used and wasted. Since electric heating can effectively eliminate the phenomena of leaks, cotton, dripping and leakage, it improves the production environment of the enterprise. Although one-time investment in an electric heating device is high, operating costs are significantly reduced and the economic benefit is very significant. In terms of use, self-regulating electric heating cables are obviously superior to steam heating in terms of performance, economic benefit, energy saving and environmental protection.

The plant's civil gas pipelines, paint plant gas pipelines, and pure hydrogen pipelines have a total of 20 guides and water gates to remove fluid accumulation in the pipelines. Steam is used in front of watershellings to prevent freezing. In winter, at low temperatures, the water seal steam valve is fully opened, at the same time, the steam pressure from the power plant fluctuates, the temperature fluctuates greatly, so it is necessary to control the amount of steam used. The upper limit as far as possible. The steam losses are large and the emptying phenomenon is severe. If the steam is too large, the water sealed in the water will be washed out and there will be certain safety hazards. The steam condenses and pours through the drain pipe. It freezes around.

In order to improve the production environment and reduce consumption, in December 2020, the factory started using our electric heating cables instead of steam heating. Due to the fact that it was used for the first time, a hydraulic seal on the gas pipeline of the paint and varnish plant was chosen as the object of testing, which has less impact on production.

In 2021, when it reaches minus 20 degrees, during the whole month, the temperature of the electric heating water of the hydraulic seal should be maintained at a level above 20 ° C, and the temperature of the steam heating water at a level of 80-100 ° C. ° C.

However, in terms of consumption comparison, the cost of the daily consumption of electric heating is about 300 yuan, and the cost of steam heating consumption is about 3300 yuan. Each electric heating device reduces consumption by 3000 yuan per year compared to steam. Electric heating devices.

In May 2021, the plant underwent a conversion of the electric heating of 10 civil gas gates, which was completed on September 30 of the same year, after commissioning, its effect corresponded to the effect of the previous test.

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