An example of the use of electric heating of an integrated pipe overpass in an open installation of a CHP

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2022-10-20 10:27

A comprehensive pipe trestle at the Khulunbuir power station site is located outdoors, and the original design uses a steam heating method to prevent cold and freezing. After the heating steam was put into operation in winter, problems occurred in the pipe overpass system of the whole plant, such as operation, leakage, dripping, leakage, water drainage that could not be restored, environmental pollution on the plant site, auxiliary steam consumption, Easy freezing of pipes and impact on the safety and stability of the public system, etc. D. After converting the steam heating method into electric heating, the integrated heating system of the heating pipe frame of the thermal power plant works in good condition, and the reliability and efficiency of the system have been improved.

After the 22 steam heating pipes of the integrated tube trestle were removed at the plant, the heating cables were laid separately, and the electric heating method was adopted. After the completion of the conversion, the integrated heating system for pipe overpasses was officially put into operation along with the heating system. Since 2013, the heating system for pipe overpasses has been operating normally. The use of electric heating ensures that the pipes and environments do not freeze. So far, there have been no unsafe accidents, such as water shut down, oil shut down, liquid ammonia shut down, caused by the failure of the heating system of the pipe overpass in the equipment in the peripheral area, which greatly improved the safety and reliability of the equipment. At the same time, due to the rejection of heating steam, the supply of auxiliary steam can be reduced by 8 t/h, which saves about 2500 tons of conventional coal for the power plant annually.

Anti-corrosion and explosion-proof certification of self-control temperature explosion-proof electric heating belt

Parameters of anti-corrosion and explosion-proof self-regulating heating cable

(1) Standard color: black/blue

(2) Temperature range: the maximum operating temperature is 65 ± 5 °C and the maximum temperature to be maintained is 90 °C.

(3) Design temperature: Polyolefin minimum-20 °C, Fluorine material minimum-60 °C

(4) Starting current: ≤ 0.5 A/m

(5) Thermal stability: after, as the electric heating belt has passed the thermal performance test, its power should be maintained at 90% of the original value.

(6) Bending radius: 25.4mm at-20 °C, 35mm at-60 °C

(7) Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the electric heating conductor and the metal shielding layer shall not be less than 50 MOM.

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