Electric heating of filters of main pipelines at oil filling stations

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2022-10-10 11:36

With the rapid development of my country's economy, the demand for crude oil is increasing. Adding a certain proportion of light crude oil to high viscosity crude oil with poor fluidity can improve the fluidity of crude oil to a certain extent. Pipeline transportation is a method of transporting crude oil through the pipeline, which saves energy and reduces consumption. However, mixed crude oil has a complex rheology. If the pipeline is mixed with heavy oil at room temperature and the oil sources are varied, a large amount of colloidal impurities will be formed in the process of oil transportation, especially after the scraper filter has been sent, whose freezing temperature is much higher than the outside air temperature, making it difficult to clean the filter. Thus, adding electric heating to the oil mixing line at room temperature can solve the problem of clogging the filter well and facilitate cleaning.

This article takes as an example the installation of an electric heating oil station filter at the Shengli oil field to discuss the effect of adding electric heating of the pipeline to the normal temperature main pipeline filter.

The station filter is replaced by a horizontal crude oil filter. This time, the four filters are equipped with electric heating of the pipeline and heat preservation. The temperature of the crude oil in the filter is heated to above the freezing point to reach the solidification temperature, and the heat sensitive contact is added to control the temperature to avoid overheating.

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