Electric heating is an ideal method of heating gas pipelines at metallurgical plants.

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2022-10-09 16:36

With the large-scale technological transformation and strengthening of the fuel structure, the major metallurgical group in the north has gradually replaced natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, heavy oil and other resources with gas. The metallurgical plant is located in the north, where winter temperatures are relatively low and gas often freezes and clogs during transportation. To ensure production and production, it is of particular importance to preserve the cold and heat of the gas pipeline network. For a long time, the metallurgical group usually used steam heat preservation and antifreeze. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, electric heating can meet the requirements of production environments such as corrosion and explosion, and provide more funds for the gas pipeline network to prevent the preservation of cold and heat.

As a new heating technology, electric heating technology has many advantages, such as:

Uniform heat dissipation along the length of the pipeline;
Small temperature gradient, long time thermal stability, suitable for long use;
The device is simple, the heat is uniform from start to finish, and the temperature can be controlled;
Has explosion-proof, fire-proof, anti-corrosion and other properties;
The electric heating efficiency is high, and the technical effect is wonderful;
The design is simple, the operation is convenient, the labor intensity of the workers is low, and the maintenance volume is low.

The metallurgical group currently uses electric heating for 80% of pipes and valves. Figure 1 is a comparison of steam and electric heating.

At present, electric heating technology has been in operation for 5 years in the iron and steel industry and has been widely recognized among the factory staff, which reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces energy consumption and equipment maintenance costs, reduces environmental pollution and beautifies the environment. The plant's capacity has improved the heating efficiency, and the application prospects are optimistic. Electric heating is an ideal method of heating gas pipelines and auxiliary equipment.

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