Winter station awning siphon snow melting electric heating

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2022-09-16 11:12

With the development of high-speed rail in the northern region, major railway station buildings were also built and rebuilt one by one. Many of the large-scale station buildings use the platform canopy design as a steel structure without the platform column canopy., which covers a large area. Among them is a curtain roof drainage system. It is especially important to customize and how to solve the problem of winter snow in the northern region.

Most drainage forms of the column-free canopy are siphon drainage, which has become widespread. On the example of the high-speed railway station reconstruction project in the north, the total estimated area of the colonless shed is 80,000 square meters, covering 9 aprons and 16 railway tracks. The main structure of the canopy is a steel pipe column of the steel pipe truss. The truss has a total of 5 spans, including 3 spans in the normal field and 2 spans in the high speed field. The width is 60 m, the minimum span is 30 m.

The canopy roof panel is made of aluminum-zinc steel sheet, and the ceiling plate above the platform is made of aluminum slat. The drainage system is made of siphon, and electric heating lines are laid in the gutters and drainage risers, a total of 80 sets of risers. They mainly solve the problem of drainage in the rainy season and melting snow in winter.

The winter temperature in the area (December to the end of January next year) can reach-33 °C, the average temperature is about-19 °C, the average snowfall is 38mm, and the maximum snowfall can reach more than 50mm. The 18.5 W/m TXLP series heating cables are laid horizontally along the entire length using trough electric heating.

The riser uses 20 W/m constant power electric heating wire with mixed internal and external winding, and the method of outsourcing insulating materials. The maximum temperature of electric heating is 65 ℃ and the temperature inside the pipe is 5 ℃.

After several spring thaws, the drainage system was not affected by freezing. Problems such as icing over the line after snow has passed, and the drainage system is stable and reliable, ensuring the operation of the existing line is safe.

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