Electric heating device hollow rod pump well

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2022-09-15 13:18

Hollow rod electric heating technology is a kind of heated oil extraction technology that is suitable for reducing heating viscosity and paraffin removal in the process of lifting crude oil in heavy oil wells, high-temperature oil wells, and paraffin wells in the wellbore. The advanced technology uses the principle of the skin effect, which integrates the current into the ground to cause the wall of the hollow rod to generate thermal energy and heat the oil well through thermal conductivity.

Electric Pump Well Rod Hollow Heating Device

Structure and Composition

The figure shows the electric heating system of the hollow pump rod. It includes variable lock hinges, short-circuit bolts (copper heads), hollow rods, solid cables, mud flaps, hollow polished rods, suspensions (tees), grounding cables, power supplies and other components.

Working principle

The hollow electric heating system should penetrate the inner hole of the hollow pump rod through the cable and generate thermal energy from the hollow rod wall. Due to the thermal conductivity, the crude oil in the oil pipe is heated throughout the process to increase the temperature of the crude oil in the oil pipe, reduce the viscosity of the crude oil and improve its fluidity, To effectively reduce the production of high viscosity, high freezing point, high paraffin oil.


1. Good corrosion resistance, withstand the corrosion of most chemicals;

2. Good flexibility, can be bent at will and will not be fragile;

3. Good pressure resistance;

4. Easy installation.

Hollow rod electric heater is mainly used for oil wells with "three high" problems in the process of crude oil extraction. According to the actual production situation on site, for early warning of special problems, such as oil wells with difficulty in lifting crude oil, overloading of pumping rods, difficulty in descending, heating of the pump rod load, difficulty in pumping crude oil out of wells, etc. D., it is also advisable to use hollow rods. Electric heating device.

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