Application of self-regulating electric heating belt for freezing protection and heat preservation of water hydrant in high altitude terrain

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2022-09-13 15:58

The average sea wave height in Litang County of Sichuan Province is 4014 meters, which belongs to the climate zone of the plateau. The highest and lowest temperature in the county is 25.6 °C, the lowest temperature is 30.6 °C, and the average annual temperature is 3.2 °C. The drainage period is 6 months, and the depth of the strong cold permafrost is 86 -120 cm. Litang County is influenced by natural and geographic conditions, so to prevent water pipes and water taps from freezing after winter, water taps and domestic tap water are left open, resulting in the waste of water resources. In addition, the concrete wrapper is usually used to insulate the pipes that go to the ground to prevent freezing, and the foam is added to the middle of the wooden boards to keep warm and prevent the building's water pipe risers from freezing, so the overall antifreeze effect is very poor.

In order to improve the current urban water supply situation in Litang County and solve the water use problem, the district water supply taps in the county have been converted to solve the problem of freezing water taps in winter. Litang County purchased a batch of electric heating cables from Shandong Huaning Electric Heat Tracing Technology Co., Ltd. for freezing protection and heat preservation of water supply plugs and pipelines.

Electric heating is divided into MI mineral insulated heating cables, constant power electric heating cables and self-regulating electric heating cables. There have been many engineering examples of the use of self-regulating electric heating cables, for example, Shandong Huaning supplied antifreeze for water supply and fire pipes of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 4, etc. D. This time, Huanin also recommended a self-regulating electric heating belt to Litang County.

According to the feedback from Litang County, the water meter in winter measures normally, there are no cracks, the water pipes do not freeze. Electric heating technology is widely used in the field of home construction, but there are reports of its application in the alpine regions. Through the analysis of the effect of self-regulating electric heating in Litang County, due to its simple structure, convenient operation and management. The antifreeze effect is good, and it is suitable for water supply pipelines in low-management areas and high-cold areas such as Litang County.

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