Application of snowmelt electric heating system of high-speed rail switch

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2022-09-03 14:57

Accumulation of snow in winter severely interferes with the normal translation of turnouts, which causes trains to delay or even fail. At present, snow removal at turnouts in winter in the northern part of my country is still carried out mainly by hand, which has low efficiency, poor snow removal quality and is fraught with accidents. The electric-heated turnout snow melting system converts electrical energy into thermal energy to melt the snow accumulated on the turnout switch to provide equipment for normal train operation. Flavor snow melting system When snow falls or temperature changes, the system can automatically or manually trigger the electric heating snow melting circuit. The system has functions such as diagnosis, alarm, remote monitoring and control.

The composition of the switch electric heating snow melting system

The composition of the permissible switch electric heating system is shown in the figure and consists of a station control post, a snow melting control cabinet on a turnout switch, a rail temperature sensor, a separation transformer, a distribution box, an electric heating element., power cable and information channel etc. D., and adopts a decentralized power supply method.

Snowmelt Shank Electric Heating Cable (MI Heating Cable)

Mineral Insulated Ead Calle heating cable consists of a metal core (heating body), the core is tightly surrounded by mineral magnesium oxide (insulation layer) and a metal tube (usually made of copper, steel or stainless steel, 316L, 825). Alloy, etc.). If desired, the layer of the anticorrosive outer shell of polyperfluoroethylene-propylene can be squeezed out of the metal shell.

Mineral insulated heating cables are suitable for freezing protection in industry or construction, as well as for heat preservation and heating of process environments. Especially for pipelines that require high power output or must withstand high temperature steam purging and work at high temperature for a long time, in environments that require anti-corrosion and explosion safety, the mineral insulated heating cables of the MISS electric heating system can show excellent performance.

Parameters of mineral insulated heating cable

Rated voltage

Maximum use length (m )

Dielectric Strength

Power Per Meter (W/m )




AC220V Single Core




A C220V Dual Core




AC380V Single Core




AC380V Dual Core




The turnout snow melting system is characterized by a high heating speed, high thermal efficiency and good effect Snow melting. Can be used on high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, conventional railways, urban railways, airports, ports, mines and other turnout switches. With the development of domestic railways and urban rail transport, a significant increase in railway mileage, an increase in railway speed and automation level, and an increase in passenger safety and general point requirements, functions and requirements of railway signals and other auxiliary devices. Systems also increase The higher it is, the more electric heating of switch snow smelters should be added to line conditions to meet the requirements of modern railways and urban rails for high-speed, safe, standard and high-performance density operation.

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