Electric heating boreal solution

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2022-08-27 17:45

Borrow-containing solutions are prone to crystallization at low temperatures or when the ambient temperature decreases, there is a danger of clogging of warehouse and transport equipment and pipelines. The design and management of an electric heating system is an effective way to solve the problem of crystallization of certain solutions under low temperature conditions or when the ambient temperature decreases, as well as to eliminate the risk of clogging of box equipment and piping during storage and transportation. System by crystallization.

Commonly used pipeline heating methods include internal heating, outdoor heating, housing heating and electric heating, respectively, heat heating includes the condensation of hot water, steam, heat carrier and electric steam Large latent heat and easy temperature adjustment, it is widely used in various industries, Especially the steam heating system of petrochemical enterprises must be equipped with a steam main pipe, an inlet pipe and a distribution pipe, and it also requires the installation of condensate on the pipe for the Baqi system, such as exhaust pipes, main pipes and collection stations, have a complex structure and require a lot of maintenance. They are not suitable for main pipelines, narrow spaces. Equipment of irregular shape, plastic or non-metal. Pipelines and pipelines without steam heat sources or in remote areas. Hot water heating applications are more limited, especially not suitable for high operating temperature cases.

The advantages of electric heating consists in the uniform laying of electric heating cables on the tank container along the line of protection of the pipeline and high efficiency of electric heating. Electric heating can carry out automatic adjustment of replaceable heating through a control system that requires fewer heating tubes than a steam or heat carrier heater and does not require steam, hot water and other heat sources, which can reduce design, construction and maintenance and annual operating costs. Thus, the electric heating system has a wide range of applications for heat preservation, freezing protection and anti-condensation of pipelines and fittings, pump hulls, equipment containers in the oil, chemical, electricity, food and shipbuilding industries.

In nuclear power plants with water-and-water reactors, electric heating is the primary method of insulation of instruments and measuring tubes, and is also used to heat supply pipelines of boron-containing solutions, valves, and pumps, mainly used to maintain fluid circulation and prevent the crystallization of boric acid.

Self-regulating electric heating belt

Self-adjustable temperature heating cables are widely used in fire, oil, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, environmental and other industrial plants for heating, heat preservation, anticoagulation and anti-freezing of pipelines and tanks. The electric heating tape is suitable for common areas, hazardous areas and corrosion zones. After use together with the explosion-proof power distribution box, it is suitable for the explosive gas mixture "T3, T4, T6" of the groups of places of the first and second sections of the factory, which are not directly affected by external forces.

Constant-power parallel electric heater

A series of constant-power parallel electric heating tapes has a constant calorific value per unit length. The longer the electric heating belt is used, the greater the total output power, and the maximum usage length of one circuit is longer; it is mainly used for various high-temperature piping, instrumentation, and tanks. hull equipment insulation, Maintaining temperature and heating high, can be used in explosive gas situations in the first and second premises of the plant.

HCL series electric heating belt

HCL series electric heating belt is a kind of electric heating product with a wire core as a heating element. Since the resistance per unit length of the wire core and the passing current are constant, the entire heating belt is heated evenly from end to end, and the output power is constant. Its biggest feature is its long length of use, which is mainly suitable for heating and heat preservation of single pipelines of long and ultra-long length. The maximum length of the power point is from several hundred meters to several thousand meters.

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