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MI mineral insulated heating cable special thermostat

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MI mineral insulated heating cable special thermostat

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MI mineral insulated heating cable special temperature controller is used with MI mineral insulated heating cable, which can control the temperature of the heat tracing pipe on site, so that the medium temperature can be controlled at the temperature required by the process, thus protecting the electric heating cable and achieving energy saving. Its role, it is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of explosion-proof explosion-proof electrical appliances. Applicable to the explosive gas environment in the first and second zones of the factory

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Before installation, please carefully check the temperature controller (such as damage, deformation, looseness, etc.), otherwise it is not allowed to install and replace it in time.
     Open the upper end shield of the thermostat and see the temperature adjustment knob. The adjustment knob can hear the sound of the relay action. The thermostat is good, and the on/off state of the corresponding terminal is measured with a multimeter. Adjust the temperature to the temperature you want to control during operation and cover with a protective cover.
When the internal wiring is completed, the terminal wire should be tightened. It is strictly forbidden to entangle the cores in the terminal box to ensure sufficient electrical clearance.
When installing, the temperature controller should be equipped with the corresponding fixed bracket, and the strict inlet and outlet should face upward; in the case of explosion-proof, the inlet should be equipped with explosion-proof clamping granule to ensure explosion-proof performance.
Fix the thermostat in place with a clamp and attach the temperature probe to the temperature to be measured. The temperature control probe should be horizontal or vertical and keep a certain distance of 3-5cm from the electric heating cable to avoid measurement. The temperature of the device is not accurate or unstable.

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