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Intelligent oil well heating cable

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Intelligent oil well heating cable

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Intelligent oil well heating cable

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 Application range: During heavy oil and high-condensation oil production , crude oil is lifted from the bottom of the well along the wellbore to  the wellhead. As the temperature of the formation changes,  the viscosity of the crude oil will increase or even solidify , which will seriously affect  the  normal  production of the oil well and even stop production.  Therefore ,  it is necessary to take corresponding Technical measures. In order to solve this production problem , our company  researched and developed the heavy oil ,  high-condensation oil well electric  heating oil production technology and supporting equipment . Oil well electric heating technology has been widely used in oil fields since the early 1990s ,  and more than 5 million tons of crude oil  is used annually for this production . The  oil  well developed by  our  company's  technical products has a maximum  depth of 3750m and a  minimum depth of 110m. 
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Conductor cross-sectional area mm2



Maximum outer diameter of the cable mm 


Temperature rating  

120、  150、  205

Tensile strength  T

≥ 1.8

Rated voltage  KV



It can reduce the operating load of oil production equipment, improve the working condition of oil production equipment, save energy and reduce consumption, increase oil well production, and prolong pump inspection cycle;
It can effectively prevent waxing in oil wells and reduce the viscosity of crude oil, thus reducing the breakage of sucker rods;
The heat efficiency is high, and the direct conversion heat energy of the electric energy is almost completely transmitted to the heat conductor;
Has a certain resistance to oil, water, corrosion and other properties.

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