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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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1. Talent is the foundation of Huaning's development.

2. Huaning is a company that is eager to be outstanding. Therefore, Huaning resolutely pursues excellence and opposes mediocrity!

3. Huaning highly advocates teamwork.
1. Huaning believes that “there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team.”
2. Huaning pursues a team of hearts together. “People are not together in a team, and the team is the team when they walk together.”
3. “Communication”, “Trust”, “Participation”, “Responsibility” and “Collaboration” are important concepts for the team building in Huaning.

4. Talents appreciated by Huaning:
1. “Loyalty and integrity, professional and enterprising” – Huaning welcomes those who have high moral character, quick thinking, serious and responsible work, and who have professional competence.
2. In Huaning, those talented and professional, passionate and dedicated talents will taste the taste of success, respect and personal satisfaction and satisfaction.
3. The company will spare no effort to provide excellent cultural atmosphere to members of Huaning, and the company will strive to create a harmonious learning and working environment.

5. Huaning's declining employees.
1. No matter what level you are at, you must work toward a higher goal.
2. No matter what kind of resume you have now, the company will not captive "the chicken that does not lay eggs"
3. Regardless of the company's development, the company is not allowed to have employees who are in the guns.
4. Huaning can never tolerate anyone who is self-righteous, lazy, irresponsible, and not motivated.

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